Voice Typing using Raspberry Pi and Android App

You must have familiar with Voice typing, which is very commonly used in Computers and mobiles phone, where you can type any word by speaking it. Voice typing is very useful for handicapped person or for anybody who wants to type fast. So today we are implementing the same on 16×2 LCD Display, where the voice text will be displayed on LCD. Here we have used 16×2 LCD, but this setup can be installed at many places with a bigger display to broadcast any message, like at airports, malls, offices etc.

In this project we will provide the input voice using Google Voice Keyboard via a Android App (BlueTerm) and print the text on 16×2 LCD using Raspberry Pi. Here we will type the text on 16×2 LCD using wireless Bluetooth Medium and will use USB Bluetooth dongle with Raspberry Pi. So basically we need interface the 16×2 LCD with Raspberry Pi and setup the Bluetooth in Raspberry Pi to receive the data sent by Mobile phone. Read More

Raspberry Pi Alarm Clock using RTC Module DS1307

Although Raspberry Pi has an internal clock, but without internet connection this internal clock resets after every reboot. So to get accurate TIME without internet connection, we need to interface a RTC Module DS1307 to Raspberry Pi. RTC module has button battery for backup so the TIME will not reset. We have also built Alarm Clock using Arduinoand using ATmega32 AVR Microcontroller, check them too.

In this Raspberry Pi Digital Clock, a 16*2 Character LCD is to display Real Time, Alarm time and status of the alarm (ON/OFF). Once the program starts running in Pi, we can disconnect the monitor and can set the alarm with the help of this LCD and five buttons.Read More

Find the IP Address of Raspberry Pi using a Python Script

The main problem while working with Raspberry Pi is to know the IP address of the Raspberry Pi, which will be needed to login into it using some SSH or file transfer client. So today we will share some Python scripts to find the local IP address of your Raspberry Pi on the network and display it on the 16×2 LCD Screen. We will also add the script in the Crontab so that it can be run on every 10 minutes and we will have the updated IP address every time.Read More

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