Video Streaming with Raspberry Pi Camera

In this post we’re going to show you how you can do video streaming with a Raspberry Pi and a Raspberry Pi Camera – how to stream live video into a web page that you can access in any device that has a browser and is connected to the same network the Pi is. This is useful to apply to a home surveillance camera, for example.


  • You should already be familiar with the Raspberry Pi board
  • You should have the Raspbian or Raspbian Lite operating system installed in your Raspberry Pi

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Install MotionEyeOS on Raspberry Pi

Do you want to turn your Raspberry Pi into a surveillance camera system? The best way to do it is using MotionEyeOS. In this post we’ll show you how to get started with MotionEyeOS on your Raspberry Pi.

What is MotionEyeOS?

MotionEyeOS is a Linux distribution that turns your single-board computer into a video serveillance system. The MotionEyeOS supports the following devices:

  • Raspberry Pi (all versions);
  • Banana Pi;
  • Odroid C1/C1+, Odroid C2, Odroid XU4;
  • Pine A64/A64+.

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Streaming Video with the Raspberry Pi Zero W & Pi Camera

I needed a really tiny yet cheap camera so I thought of the Raspberry Pi Camera module. The Version 2 Camera Module does 8MP with good quality, although a 5MP  IR-Cut Camera better suited my needs.

About the IR-CUT Camera

The IR-CUT Camera works on Normal Mode by default. There are two ways to toggle between Normal Mode and Night-vision Mode.

1. By editing the config.txt file:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

and append:


exit with save and restart your Pi then the camera will work on Night-vision Mode.Read More

How to install OpenCV on Raspberry Pi and do Face Tracking

To  install OpenCV on Raspberry Pi, you need Raspberry Pi ( Pi2 preferably) , Pi camera, and internet connection to  Raspberry Pi.

Begin with latest Raspberry Pi Image from

Copy this image to correct size SD Card. To do this correctly  please refers these detailed instructions: How to install “Raspbian” on the Raspberry Pi.

Now since your SD card is ready, Boot your Pi. First thing you want to do is  Enable Camera.Read More

Take Photos with Node-RED & Raspberry Pi Camera

In this project we’re going to show you how to take photos with Node-RED using the Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2.


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