Install MotionEyeOS on Raspberry Pi

Do you want to turn your Raspberry Pi into a surveillance camera system? The best way to do it is using MotionEyeOS. In this post we’ll show you how to get started with MotionEyeOS on your Raspberry Pi.

What is MotionEyeOS?

MotionEyeOS is a Linux distribution that turns your single-board computer into a video serveillance system. The MotionEyeOS supports the following devices:

  • Raspberry Pi (all versions);
  • Banana Pi;
  • Odroid C1/C1+, Odroid C2, Odroid XU4;
  • Pine A64/A64+.

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Direct Control of an Arduino with Firmata from the Raspberry Pi

(This is a guide to using the Freetronics PiLeven with the Firmata open source library.

Using PiLeven allows you to upload sketches directly from your Raspberry Pi. However sometimes you just want to control the pins of the PiLeven directly from host software on the Raspberry Pi.

Firmata is a great library, built into the Arduino IDE, that allows you to do this. The Arduino runs a sketch called the “Firmata firmware”, and then your Raspberry Pi can send Firmata commands to interact with it. Firmata has libraries for most common programming languages.

Installing Firmata Firmware:

In the Arduino IDE on your Pi, choose File -> Examples -> Firmata -> StandardFirmware.

When the StandardFirmware sketch opens, click Upload to upload it to your PiLeven.Read More

Installing Raspbian Lite, Enabling and Connecting with SSH

In this post, I’ll show you how to download and prepare your Raspberry Pi with the latest version of the Raspbian Lite Operating System (OS) and how to establish an SSH communication.

Raspberry Pi and microSD card

The Raspberry Pi is a computer and like any other computer it needs an OS installed.

The Pi doesn’t have built-in memory, so you’ll need a microSD card to install your OS. I recommend using a microSD card class 10 with at least 8GB of memory.

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